Ed Sheeran Makes Pricey Mistake While Touring the U.S.

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ed sheeran
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Been there done that! Ed Sheeran made a VERY pricey mistake that we've all probably made before!

According to an interview he had with The Sun, Ed ran up his cell phone bill to over $5000 while first touring the United States with Taylor Swift!

The problem? He apparently still has a U.K. phone number and used his cell like crazy when he was overseas, a big no-no if you don't want a huge bill at the end of the month!

"I used my UK phone over here for about a month and the bill was five grand when I got home...I am not going to use my UK phone anymore and my bill's only about $60 a month now," Ed explained.

Sounds like he learned his lesson and has a good plan now! Have you guys ever had an OUTRAGEOUS phone bill? You know you did when text messaging wasn't unlimited!

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