Lindsay Lohan Leaving Rehab Already?!

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Lindsay Lohan is now threatening to leave The Betty Ford Center where she is currently enrolled in court-ordered rehab. Uh oh! This can't be good...

After a big debacle about which center she was going to check in to, Lindsay Lohan finally decided to do her court-ordered rehab at The Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California.

The embattled actress checked in for her 90-day stay just over a week ago...which was one day after the judge's deadline. Apparently LiLo was doing just fine at the center...until they took away her Adderall!

The drug was a major sticking point for Lindsay when she agreed to do court-ordered rehab. In fact, she had reportedly said she would ONLY go if she could continue her use of the powerful, often-abused drug (which is normally prescribed for ADHD, but misused for appetite suppression).

Now, TMZ is reporting that doctors at the famous facility have told Lindsay that she does not have a medical need for Adderall and will be taken off of it.

Lindsay is now desperate to get out of the clinic ASAP, which might pose another major problem because she will likely go straight to jail if she tries to leave.

Do you think Lindsay should be allowed to take Adderall in rehab?



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