Farrah Abraham Ditches Her Daughter on Mother's Day

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After posting a video saying she was spending Mother's Day with her mom and daughter, Farrah Abraham partied at a Dallas tavern instead. Farrah Abraham is always bragging about what a great mom she is, often referring to herself as a "supermom." Other eyewitness accounts, however, seem to call Farrah's "supermom" status into question.

In the Teen Mom Confidential book, Farrah's neighbor said that she would pawn her daughter Sophia off on her so that she could go party...often for days at a time.

So, when we saw Farrah's Keek video saying that she would be spending Mother's Day with her own mother and Sophia, we thought maybe Farrah was coming around.

Unfortunately, what actually ended up happening was much different. After posting a quick picture of Sophia and a Mother's Day card in the morning, Farrah posted a new Keek video promoting a "Single's Mother's Day Event" she was doing at a Dallas tavern.

In the video, Farrah exclaims, "Oh my gosh, I have a HUGE suite...I'm going to have to invite some moms over tonight and we're gonna get crazy...on that note, happy Mother's Day and I can't wait to party tonight!"

The commenters were quick to call Farrah's bluff, telling her she's "disgusting," saying she lied about spending Mother's Day with her daughter and others telling her she should have Sophia taken away from her.

Do you think Farrah is a good mom?



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