Kim Kardashian and Kanye West "Live Different Lives"

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Kim Kardashian admits that she and boyfriend Kanye West "live very different lives" as she is very comfortable with the public eye and he isn't. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West definitely feel very differently about the paparazzi and media attention they get. Kim seems to love the spotlight while Kanye (nominated for Top Rap Song at this weekend's Billboard Music Awards) seems to get annoyed every time his photo is taken.

He was even trying so hard to duck the paparazzi during a recent lunch outing with Kim that he hit his head on a pole in the process...which made him get even MORE mad at the paparazzi for being there.

Kim also lives her life on reality TV while Kanye hates the idea of their lives being put on display.

One would wonder how they make a relationship work under such circumstances.

During a recent interview with the UK's Fabulous magazine, Kim said that she and Kanye "live different lives," but that she loves being open with her own life and that's who she has always been.

She does admit, however, that she's become more of a recluse since she's become pregnant and that she's stopped Googling herself because everyone seems to have an opinion and she doesn't like all of the negativity.

As for whether she and Kanye are going to sell the first photos of baby Kimye, Kim said "that's nothing I've really thought about yet."

We're guessing that is going to be a looonnnng discussion for Kim and Kanye.

Do you think Kanye will agree to sell the photos given how much he hates the media attention?


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