'What Would Ryan Lochte Do?' Episode 4 Recap: Breaking the Mold

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On this week's episode of What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, Ryan realizes he's back in the "friend zone" with Jaimee and starts to eye a potential new leading lady. This week, on What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, Ryan Lochte realizes he's back in the "friend zone" with his long distance (occasional) girlfriend Jaimee and decides to entertain other options.

While Ryan and the "Lochterage" are out at Ryan's favorite club, they meet up with one of Ryan's friends from the London Olympics, Chantae.

The rest of the group has met Chantae before and since Ryan knows that she gets along great with everyone, he invites her to go ziplining with them a couple of days later.

During the outdoor adventure, it becomes very clear that Chantae is a great fit for Ryan. He also spills to the camera crew that she is a little outside the norm in terms of girls that he usually dates, but thinks breaking the mold might be a good thing for him at this point.

Speaking of molds, while Ryan and his friends were at their favorite club, the manager asked Ryan if he could leave them with a souvenir to show that it's the place "the Lochte" loves to party.

Ryan offers his pink Speedo, but the club manager doesn't think that would look real good hanging on the wall, so Ryan's assistant, Gene, says that he'll come up with an idea.

Unfortunately for Ryan, Gene's idea is to have a mold cast of Ryan's chest so the club can hang that on the wall instead...so that's exactly what they did.

When Ryan sees the mold of his chest on display while he's partying, he is kind of uncomfortable about it, admitting that it's a little weird...but, since the ladies loved it, Ryan decided to just let it be...although he did ask them to admire and take pictures with his real abs instead of the sculpture.

Naturally, they obliged.

Just another day in the life of Ryan Lochte...



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