Niall Horan Shoots Down Tattoo Rumors, Tweets About "Disrespectful" People

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Niall Horan is once again shooting down tattoo rumors, telling fans he has no plans to get inked like his One Direction bandmates. Niall also goes off on "disrespectful" people--what happened?
Did Niall Horan get a tattoo? Does he plan to?

No. And no.

While Niall is the only One Direction guy who doesn't have an ink collection, don't expect him to join the crew.

Niall took to Twitter to shoot down rumors that he's getting a tattoo, writing, "By the way I didn't get a tattoo! Not plannin either."

He also tweeted about people being "disrespectful," though no one is really sure what he was referring to.

Niall tweeted, "Some people are sooo disrespectful! Never heard anything like that in my life !"

In other Nialler news, we love his everyday tweets, like his mini rant about losing a phone: "ya know when you lose your phone in the house...and there is literally 2 places it could be and its not there ! pain in the ass!"

He found it later, tweeting: "found it... it was stuck down the side of the couch..thats as exciting as my day is getting today"

Aw, Niall, your fans love to hear what you're up to, no matter how boring it may be!



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