'The Voice' Top 12 Live Performances: Usher Strips Down

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The 12 remaining contestants perform on The Voice to see who will move on to the next round. Plus, Usher gives fans a special surprise. This week on The Voice "Top 12 Live Performances," there was no air conditioning in the building for the first half of the show...and while it must have been miserable for everyone who was there, it worked out pretty well for all of us watching at home because Usher stripped down to try to keep himself cool!

Anyway, on to the music...

The first artist to take the stage was Vedo, who sang "Rock with You" for team Usher.

Shakira loved it, and gushed that she likes him even more because he seems like a nice guy. Blake Shelton said the dancing and choreography could have detracted from the performance, but it didn't, so he thought it went pretty well. Usher complimented him on the way he paced the singing and dancing throughout the performance, especially with the heat factor.

Next up was Holly Tucker singing "Broken Wing" for team Blake.

Usher loved it and said that anyone who ever doubted her talent is a "freakin' idiot." Shakira was blown away by her falsettos and said that she really outdid herself with that song. Adam Levine was thrilled that she put such emotion and intention behind the song, because all of the judges had been waiting to see that from her and Blake also loved it, saying it's the best we've heard her sing so far.

The next artist on stage was Garrett Gardner singing "I Want it That Way" for team Shakira.

This one was a little tough because it was one person singing a song that is normally performed by a group. Adam admitted that he didn't really love it and it definitely wasn't the best thing he's done so far. He said he knew he was being a little harsh, but said he had to be honest with him because he likes him and he's a fan. Shakira said not to listen to Adam because it wasn't easy to do what he did, but he rocked it, anyway.

After Garrett's performance, Usher stripped some of his clothes off and...well, it certainly wasn't the worst thing ever!

Somehow, Sarah Simmons managed not to be distracted by a shirtless Usher while she sang a very raw version of "The Story" for team Adam.

Blake really appreciated that the song showed the extremes of her voice. Shakira admitted that she doesn't know the song at all, but said it definitely suited her voice and her style. Adam thinks the diversity within her voice is what makes it so special and said she's one of the best singers they've ever had on the show.

Next up, The Swon Brothers sang "Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes" for team Blake.

This intimate song was much different than what we're used to hearing from The Swon Brothers, but they made it work.

Usher loved it and loved the way they switched it up, especially because they did such a fun song last week. Adam said they represented country really well and he loved it so much, he forgot it was a competition because it was just so enjoyable to sit back and watch. Blake was blown away and said that it was it was their breakout moment.

The next artist was Sasha Allen singing a very dramatic version of "Alone" for team Shakira.

Usher said he felt like she took the audience to church. Shakira said she's one of the best voices she's ever heard and really appreciated how heartfelt it was. She also said that if America votes for her, she's going to write a song in her honor, called "My Sasha."

Next up, we had Josiah Hawley singing "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" for team Usher

Adam said he felt like Josiah definitely found his "sweet spot" and said he's sounded the best he ever has. Blake said he wishes he had him on his team, but understands why he and Usher are a great match and Usher said he's proud of the way Josiah is learning how to trust his own instincts and performed it the way HE wanted to, which totally worked for him.

Next, we heard Danielle Bradbery singing "Wasted" for team Blake.

Shakira said that the live rounds really show what an artist is made of and that she's extremely impressed with Danielle's nerves of steel. Adam upheld his comment from last week, saying that Danielle is definitely the one to beat and Blake looked like a proud father and said he absolutely loves everything about her.

Judith Hill took the stage next, performing "You've Got A Friend" for team Adam.

Blake said it was beautiful, powerful and everything that we've come to expect from Judith, who they continuously count on to deliver greatness every week. Usher is really glad that they got to see the side of her that she showed with that song and Adam said that the way she sang and played the piano showed that she's possibly the most talented person in the entire competition.

Michelle Chamuel was up next, singing "Call Your Girlfriend" for team Usher.

Michelle was a little nervous because they changed some of her signature moves during rehearsal, but she still used some of them on stage during the upbeat performance.

Shakira thought it was really cool and likes the way she sings and dances at the same time because she knows from experience how hard that can be. Adam said that she has become one of his favorites because she's so passionate and engaged and Usher said he absolutely adores her and he's so happy that the world is getting a chance to see her the way she wants to be seen.

Next up, was Kris Thomas, singing "I'll Be There" for team Shakira.

Adam was impressed with the way he was able to reach the high notes in the song and Blake agreed, saying Kris picks songs that push him to the extreme and he continues to prove himself to everyone. Usher said that it kind of switched from Mariah Carey's version to Michael Jackson's version, but it was still really good and Shakira said he sang like he really wanted to win the competition.

The last artist of the evening was Amber Carrington singing "I'm Gonna Love You Through It" for team Adam.

Blake said that she made Martina McBride and country music proud and admitted that Adam has a star on his hands with her. Usher said that she defies the laws of gravity because just when you think she's given it her all, she gives more and said she has an incredible career ahead of her whether she wins The Voice or not. Shakira said that it was smart of Adam to choose a country song and that she did great and Adam said that he knows it was an emotionally difficult song and is extremely impressed that she was able to do it with such grace.

Which was your favorite performance from the The Voice "Top 12 Live Performances"?




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