Niall Horan Tweets He'll Get Naked If...

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Niall Horan said he'll get naked if the Eagles go on tour again...well, Niall, looks like you can strip down because the Eagles are set to play some concert dates this summer! Niall Horan get naked for Eagles concert tour
Niall Horan has put out a promise to get naked and we can only imagine Directioners are trying to make it happen!

Niall tweeted about taking it all off if the Eagles ever tour again.

Niall tweeted: "Hope the eagles go back on the road...cant wait.. i'll be there starkers at the front! Hahahaha"

Why do the Eagles make Niall want to drop his pants? We can only imagine how the legendary band inspires Nialler in many ways--but we've never heard of anyone stripping to "Hotel California."

Well, hold on to your pants, young Niall--the Eagles' website lists a bunch of summer and early fall tour dates if you can tear yourself away from your One Direction tour.

Look for him at an upcoming Eagles show--he'll be the Irishman stripped down in the front row.



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