'Star Trek Into Darkness' Premiere: Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto and More!

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Zoe Saldana reveals her favorite thing about shooting Star Trek into Darkness, Zachary Quinto dishes on his "challenging" workout regiment for the sci-fi flick and more! Star Trek is getting ready to land back in theaters.

But, before the highly anticipated sequel makes its debut Thursday, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana and other Star Trek cast mates chatted with us about reuniting for the science fiction film and preparing for it at the Star Trek Into Darkness premiere in Hollywood Tuesday.

Zoe, who plays Uhura, said one of her favorite parts about working on the sequel was "getting to work again with people that I love and respect and that I've remained friends with since the first time we met."

"To get to work with a director like JJ [Abrams] is very inspiring because you learn so much," Zoe added. "It's almost like a learning curve every single day."

Zachary aka Spock also gushed about getting back to together with the cast and crew, saying, "[They're a] great group of people, great sense of humor, but also commitment to the work."

Speaking of commitment, producer David Lindelof told us the cast had strict dietary restrictions during filming and exercised for a whopping "nine hours a day."

"Physically, I had to really work out and run and do a lot of action stuff which was challenging, but really rewarding," Zachary said about his strenuous Star Trek workout routine.

And he wasn't the only one dishing on the "challenging" exercise regimen.

"We all did training to sell the fact that we were on a ship and in space and could save the world...running a lot, going up and down steps," Alice Eve, who plays Carol, revealed. "Things you don't want to do."

The cast and crew's hard work should pay off in a big way when the 12th installment in the series debuts in theaters.

The film is set to rake in $100 million during its four-day debut, the highest of any other film in the franchise, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

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