Liam Payne a Hero? Liam Jumps to Defend Girl in a Bar

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Liam Payne proved to be quite the hero recently, jumping to rescue a woman at a bar who was being harassed by soccer players. Find out what Liam did and how things ended. Liam is a stand-up guy! Liam Payne hero helps woman in bar
Liam Payne, you're our hero! Liam reportedly jumped to defend a woman in a bar after a footballer pulled her hair.

While out with friends at the Funky Buddha Nightclub, Liam witnessed four Tottenham Hotspur footballers, and one of the men, Aaron Lennon, pulled one of the waitresses' hair.

According to a report from The Daily Record, Liam was quick to jump to the woman's aid, yelling at the guy: "What the f*** are you doing?"

The soccer player was dragged away by teammates and no scuffle went down following Liam's heroic effort.

A source told the Daily Record, "Out of nowhere there was a commotion when Liam saw a girl having her hair pulled. He didn't know her but was outraged on her behalf. He thought it was completely uncalled for."

The source added, "Being a gentleman, he went straight over to the players and confronted Aaron, asking him what the f*** he was playing at. Liam was telling his friends what a d*** he was to have done that to a lady."

Oh Liam, you've given us yet another swoon-worthy moment to fuel our crush.



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