'Idol' Winner Candice Glover: "I Knew If I Kept Trying, It Would Happen"

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America has finally crowned its new American Idol! Candice Glover talked to us after the results and told us how she felt! Candice Glover does her first press interviews as the newest American Idol winner!

Seconds before Ryan Seacrest announced who the title went to, Kree Harrison and Candice shared a moment. "I was saying her [Kree's] name cause I knew he was just going to say it," Candice told us. "And she was like 'No. Candice, Candice.'" The two girls are very supportive of each other. "I know, no matter what, I'm going to buy Kree's album."

This was not Candice's first time trying out for Idol, but it turns out that the third time really was a charm. "I have some friends that decided not to come back," Candice said. "But I always knew for some reason that it would happen if I kept going." She couldn't stay away! "I found myself on the website looking at auditions again. I knew if I kept trying, it would happen."

Though Candice wanted it to happen, she is still in shock that it did. "I don't remember him [Ryan] saying the name," she said. "I do remember the confetti getting into my mouth while I was singing," Candice shared. "I wanted to laugh, but I was crying! There was so much happening in the moment."

It's no secret that Candice has had an outstanding season, but there's one performance she'll always remember. "It's pretty obvious that 'Lovesong' was my favorite one," she told us. "Only because I was so connected to the lyrics." Considering Keith Urban bowed to her and Randy Jackson said it was the best performance on any talent show, "I didn't expect the reception I got," Candice said.

Judge Nicki Minaj was excited for Candice's win. "She was like 'Oh my God! You're a superstar, can I hug you?'" said Candice. And Randy Jackson, who is leaving Idol, has seen Candice since her first audition. "I got his final critique ever last night cause I went last. He knows how long I've been wanting this. I love Randy."

We're sure Candice has learned a handful of things from this experience, but there's one thing we're glad she took away from this. "I definitely learned how to be confident," Candice said, "How to be myself and be okay with that."



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