Did Taylor Swift Diss Harry Styles During Her Billboard Music Awards Speech?

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Did Taylor Swift diss Harry Styles during one of her acceptance speeches at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards? Taylor Swift at the Billboard Music AwardsOh no she didn't!

Did Taylor Swift really diss Harry Styles at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards? We think so!

It all went down during one of Taylor's emotional acceptance speeches.

"You are the longest and best relationship I ever had," she said to her fans, making sure to emphasize it as much as possible.

The statement also came after she talked to the audience about her crazy emotions and dating life... and with a smirk on her face too, of course.

Right when it happened we thought it was SO a stab at her ex Harry Styles! One Direction was up for a few Billboard awards too.

Her statement could've easily been a diss to all of her "Taylor dates too much" haters too!

Watch Taylor's speech below and let us know if you think she was dissing Harry!

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