One Direction Dissed by The Wanted? Louis Tomlinson Fires Back

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Louis Tomlinson tweets about The Wanted dissing One Direction
The Wanted vs. One Direction...again. Find out what The Wanted said about 1D this time and how Louis Tomlinson responded on Twitter. Should they put their feud behind them? Play nice, boybanders! In the war of words between One Direction and The Wanted, we've honestly lost count at how many times they've dissed each other.

The Wanted recently got some more digs in on 1D...and Louis Tomlinson isn't happy.

Is there a rivalry?

During a recent Australian morning show, The Wanted singer Jay McGuiness spilled, "You hear comments in interviews, and they wind you up and vice's kind of fake, and then also a few of the lads have wound me up personally."

Max George added, "I don't mind a couple of them...I don't mind Harry [Styles]," referring to him as a "top shagger" with the ladies.

He added, "I think he's retained manners and a bit of dignity, [but] some of them when they mouth off, it really gets under my skin."

Jay noted, "Because it riles up loads of 14-year-old girls, there's no need for that."

Jay added that they are kept apart if they're in the same place at the same time, noting, "Oh c'mon...we could clear this all up within like 10 minutes."

Louis wasn't too happy with the dig on 1D, taking to Twitter Saturday to respond, tweeting: "So frustrating when people talk the talk in the press but when it comes down to it not a word is said face to face!"

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