Ed Sheeran Disses Selena Gomez, Other Artists Who Don't Sing Live

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Did Ed Sheeran diss Selena Gomez for not singing live at the Billboard Music Awards?

It seems that way, after Ed threw shade at artists who don't sing live, but rather lip sync to a pre-recorded track.

We'd say Selena's Billboard Music Awards performance and a few other superstar celebs at the award show fit into that category.

Ed tweeted, "I find it really weird when people congratulate artists for not miming over a backing track. Isn't that how it's meant to be?"

He added, "Different strokes for different folks I guess"

Kid Rock also called out the lip syncers during the Billboard Music Awards, saying, "Let's give it up for people lip-syncing under pre-recorded music!"

We love that Ed performs live--and is brilliant every time. Case in point, watch Ed on today's Ellen DeGeneres show, singing "Lego House."

UPDATE: Ed responded to Cambio to clear up what his tweet meant, writing: "putting words in my mouth there cambio...no diss intended, just stating a point"

He added, "selena is a friend and thats not what i meant in any way"

Thanks for setting the record straight!

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