"Homie Hoppers" and "Turning Up": Nicole Richie Learns the Lingo of Teens

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What exactly is a homie hopper? Nicole Richie's sister, Sofia, has the answers. Check out the lingo Nicole picked up on this week's Candidly Nicole episode and take a peek at her first Keek video! Turn up.

On this week's episode of Candidly Nicole, Nicole Richie had some questions when it came to the differences between her lingo as a teen and that of teens today. So, she headed to her 14-year-old sister Sofia Richie's home to get the scoop.

What's a homie hopper? And what exactly does getting "turnt up" at a party mean?

Sofia and her friends had the answers.

During the "room-warming party," the 31-year-old fashion mogul learned that a homie hopper is someone who dates a guy and then moves on to his friend, and turning up essentially means getting wild or crazy in a party--two of the phrases Sofia and her gang use the most.

And once Nicole had mastered that terminology, she dropped some knowledge of her own, after her little sis started dishing about a guy she's dating.

"Men and women can't be friends with a straight guy because he's always going to want to have sex with her," Nicole said. "If he's hanging out with you...I mean I love you...but it's not because of your personality."

Check out the other shenanigans Nicole and Sofia get it into, along with Nicole's first Keek video in the clip above!


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