LOL! Miley Cyrus Tweets Baby Pic With Justin Bieber

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Singer posts funny Photoshopped picture from a fan of the Biebs holding her as a baby and an old-school photo of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake Here's a picture we never imagined we'd see: Justin Bieber kissing Miley Cyrus as a toddler!

If you're wondering how or why in the world this photo happened, we'll let Miley explain, who Tweeted the funny snapshot earlier.

"Ok my fans are getting WAY to good at photoshop. Wtf is @justinbieber holding me as a baby!!!!! Bahahahaha," she wrote.

Justin has yet to respond, but Miley's been on a random Tweeting spree today.

She also shared an old-school picture of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wearing matching denim on denim ensembles from when they were a couple that says "Never forget."

The We Can't Stop singer admitted to Cambio she can get carried away on social media when we caught with her up at the Billboard Awards.

"It's too late at night and you're a little blurry and you end up just Tweeting and you realize it's to 20 million people, but what are you gonna do?" Miley shared.
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