'Star Trek Into Darkness': Chris Pine, Alice Eve & More Reveal Whether They Would Travel Into Space!

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Would the Star Trek Into Darkness cast head into space in real life? Check out the answers Chris Pine, Alice Eve and John Cho gave a few NASA astronauts when they asked them! This brings a whole new meaning to "beam me up Scotty."

Star Trek into Darkness stars John Cho, Chris Pine and Alice Eve may be space experts on screen, but the trio and producer Damon Lindelof still had a few questions when they got the opportunity to chat up a few NASA astronauts.

Live from space, the astronauts floated around in their ships, answering questions from the cast mates like, "What happens when you sneeze inside your space suit?"

Director J.J. Abrams even chimed in via pre-recorded video message, asking the astronauts if they had seen anything that made them believe in extraterrestrial life.

And the NASA Trekkies had questions of their own for John, Chris and Alice, asking if they would head to space if money were no object, to which they all answered yes.

Back on the mainland, fans also chimed in with questions for the trio, asking the actors which Star Trek star they would want to helm their ship.

"My favorite is Kirk," Alice said, adding "Pine Kirk," when asked if she would choose the original Captain Kirk, played by William Shatner, or Chris.

Check out the other questions the cast mates couldn't wait to ask the NASA crew and more in the clip above!


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