'Teen Mom 3' Girls Mock Farrah Abraham's "Cry Face"

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While in New York City filming the Teen Mom 3 after shows, the girls posed for a picture where each one of them was imitating Farrah Abraham's "cry face." There is no doubt about it, Farrah Abraham's "cry face" is one of a kind.

But, that doesn't mean people can't try to replicate the famous squished, strained, stretched shape her face takes when the tear ducts are turned on.

And, since imitation is the highest form of flattery, the Teen Mom 3 girls wanted to flatter Farrah in exactly that way.

While in New York City filming the Teen Mom 3 after shows, the ladies took a time out for some fun time, posting an Instagram collage with all four of them imitating "Farrah's Famous Face" or "FFF" as they call it!

We have to give it to Briana DeJesus (second one down), who seems to have the "FFF" down pat.

Given the desperate measures the Teen Mom turned porn star has taken in her quest for fame, she has definitely put a target on her own back, but do you think it was right for the Teen Mom 3 girls to ridicule her like this?

Tell us in the comments below.



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