Harry Styles So Obsessed with Cleaning Tour Bus, Nicknamed Mrs. Mop

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Harry Styles is quite a neat freak, reportedly obsessing over keeping the One Direction tour bus clean. Harry has even earned the name Mrs. Mop! But who's the messiest guy in One Direction? Harry Styles neat freak cleanest Mrs Mop nickname
When you think of the five guys of One Direction sharing a tour bus, you have to imagine it would probably be a mess.

Turns out at least one of the guys is on top of any possible bus clutter--to the point of obsession.

Harry Styles is a neat freak, you guys.

A source tells the Daily Star, "Harry loves everything to be neat and tidy. He's fixated with keeping the tour bus clean."

Hey, someone's gotta do it.

He's so "fixated" that he's earned the nickname Mrs. Mop (why not Mr. Clean? Must be a hair thing).

Harry even makes Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn wear slippers on the bus!

The source adds, "He watches to make sure no one drops food anywhere and asked people to leave their shoes at the door and wear slippers."

He even reportedly "went to a supermarket and bought a ton of cleaning products as he didn't think the bus was clean enough," the source added.

Now, who's the messiest 1D guy? In an interview with Seventeen magazine last year, the guys revealed that Louis takes that honor.

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