Kim Kardashian Visits "Love Locks" Bridge in Paris...But Where's Kanye West?

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Kim Kardashian is in Paris, where she has been many times during her pregnancy to visit rapper boyfriend Kanye West, except that on this trip, she doesn't seem to be spending much time with him. Kim Kardashian just returned home from Paris, where she was Kanye West -- just as she's done a handful of times during her pregnancy. The reality star's rapper boyfriend has taken up residency there while he was recording his new album and there are rumors that he wants to make it his permanent home.

Usually when Kim is there, we see pictures of the expectant parents out and about shopping, grabbing a bite to know, the usual couple stuff.

Yesterday, Kim went to visit the "Love Lock" bridge, which is a famous Paris landmark where couples write a special message on a padlock, hook it to the bridge and throw the key in the river, which is a symbol of securing their love forever.

So, did Kim and Kanye put a lock on the bridge to symbolize their love? Not exactly. Kim did put a lock on the bridge, but she was there with her mom and they put the lock on for THEIR love...Kanye was nowhere to be found.

Kris Jenner posted the video on Keek with a caption saying "true love."

Kanye was also absent during the dinner that Kris keeked later in the evening.

Do you think Kanye is trying to avoid Kim?

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