Why Does Miguel Keep Falling?

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Before his epic fall at the Billboard Music Awards, Miguel took tumbles on and off the stage in other cities around the globe. Check out what the Adorn singer had to say about his spills! The Billboard Music Awards wasn't the first place Miguel took a tumble.

The "Adorn" singer seems to have an issue with keeping his balance in general--falling on and off the stage during performances in the U.S. and beyond (seriously).

Back in 2011, Miguel tripped up and fell on stage in Houston while he was singing "Sure Thing."

Then, in London in January, Miguel got so into his performance of "Adorn" that he didn't realize he was really close to the edge of the stage while hitting a twirl...and twirled right off of the stage into the audience.

Next, in his most epic fall to date, Miguel attempted to jump spread-eagle over the audience at the BBMAs Sunday, but fell short, landing on one fan's head and kicking another in the arm (the fall comes at about the 3:05 minute-mark in the clip).

And these were the few that were caught on tape.

So, what is the deal with all of these spills?

Miguel answered that question himself back in April, when he sat down with Power 105.1 FM's "The Breakfast Club."

"I am the clumsiest person you will probably meet, and the fact that I spend the most time of my career on stage means that I'm in front of mad people and they're going to catch me being clumsy once in a while," Miguel said when asked why he has fallen so many times while performing. "I'm sure on YouTube you can find a highlight reel of all my spills."

Ever the professional though, Miguel still continues with his performance every time he slips, hardly missing a beat, no matter how tough the fall.

Which just goes to show, as the saying (and song) goes, "We fall down, but we get up."

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