Is Selena Gomez Pregnant?

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Selena Gomez isn't feeling too good and of course, it has sparked pregnancy rumors. Is she expecting a baby with Justin Bieber? Get the scoop here! Selena GomezIs Selena Gomez pregnant?

When she canceled her live Twitter chat with fans yesterday due to a mystery illness, it instantly sparked pregnancy rumors. So, is Sel having a baby with Justin Bieber?

"Sorry to everyone for having to cancel today. I am not sure if I am sick or ate some bad food but, I feel horrible. I am going to take the rest of the day and try and get better for tomorrow. So Sorry :( Love you guys," she tweeted after calling off the chat.

Almost instantly fans began tweeting that she was pregnant and suffering from morning sickness.

Don't worry though. is reporting that a source close to Sel says she's not prego.

"She is not pregnant, that is definitely not in the career path right now or anytime soon," the insider reveals.

We can only imagine the insanity if she was pregnant....especially with Justin's kid!

What do you think is up with Selena's mystery illness?

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