Khloé Kardashian Reacts to Kim Kardashian Posting Her Heartfelt Letter

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Khloe Kardashian Odom wrote Kim Kardashian a very personal note, which Kim then posted on her Celebuzz page. So, how does Khloe feel about it? A couple of days ago, Kim Kardashian posted a touching letter that sister Khloé Kardashian had written to her about being proud of her body regardless of what the critics say.

The letter was probably one of the sweetest things we've ever seen and was something every woman would benefit from reading, which might have been why Kim posted it.

The letter was so personal and private, though, we couldn't help but wonder if Khloé felt a little exposed when Kim posted it for millions of her fans to read.

As it turns out, Khloé was totally fine with it and felt it was Kim's decision whether she wanted to make it public or not.

"I wrote that letter to her in private," Khloé told E! News. "I don't care that she posted it, it's no big deal, but I had no idea she posted it."

Khloé also explained why she felt compelled to write the letter in the first place.

"One day, she was at my house just complaining...not complaining but just saying how hurt she is and she says, 'I can't control it, I'm pregnant, I'm growing a baby, what do they want me to do?'" she said. "I think it's wrong that anyone would criticize anyone for their weight, but then especially a pregnant person," she continued. "And I just wanted her to know when she left my house how much I love her."

We couldn't agree more with Khloé and think her letter was beautiful!



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