Miley Cyrus: Topless Picture Leaked From 'Maxim' Shoot?

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Uh oh, is there a topless picture of Miley Cyrus from her recent Maxim shoot floating around the Internet? Yep! Click to get the scoop! Miley CyrusIs there a topless picture of Miley Cyrus floating around the Internet?


According to, the alleged photo is of Miley baring her lady bits to the camera. It's from her recent Maxim photo shoot.

You can click here to see a PG version of the picture).

We honestly think is does look like her but hey, you never know these days! Photoshop can do some miraculous things!

Do you think Miley should be concerned over the pic? Do you think it's her in the photo? Who do you think leaked it?

Let us know!



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