Amanda Bynes Harassed By Overly Aggressive Paparazzo (VIDEO)

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Amanda Bynes kept her cool while a paparazzo continuously tried to rip a scarf off of her head while she was waiting to be buzzed into a building. While Amanda Bynes' erratic behavior has raised a lot of eyebrows over the past couple of months, the troubled starlet incredibly kept her cool while a paparazzo crossed the line (multiple times) in an attempt to get a picture of her.

In the video obtained by TMZ, Amanda, who was wearing a brown wig with a scarf draped over her head, politely told the out-of-line paparazzo that he couldn't touch her after he tried to rip the scarf off of her head.

After he did it a second time, she again calmly told him, "You can't touch me."

When he did it a third AND fourth time, Amanda finally got fed up with him and said, "Is it the ugly black one?" referring to the African American photog. She then clarified saying it wasn't about his race, just that he had an ugly face. To prove her point, she turned to another paparazzo on the other side of her and said, "There's an ugly white one..."

The paparazzo kept taunting her while she was waiting to get buzzed into the building and Amanda somehow maintained her composure and didn't haul off on the guy, which at that point, would have been completely justified.

Check out the video below and tell us if you think the paparazzo should get in trouble for harassing Amanda.

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