Demi Lovato Shoots Down Drinking and Tweeting Buzz After Quoting Rihanna

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Was Demi Lovato drinking and tweeting? See what she told fans after taking to Twitter to quote a Rihanna lyric, plus details of her fun girls night out in London. Demi continues to be a positive role model and we love her for it. Demi Lovato Rihanna lyrics tweet not drinking
Demi Lovato knows how to have a good time--and it doesn't involve drinking.

Staying true to her commitment to living sober, Demi shared some of her weekend activities with fans, noting that you don't need booze or drugs to make things fun.

Demi tweeted a lyric from Rihanna yesterday: "Ain't nobody's bidnessssss!!!"

Then she took some heat from critics who thought she was drinking--she set them straight pretty fast, writing: "I can't quote Rihanna without people thinking I'm drinking? Haha FYI people--it IS possible to have fun w/o that stuff."

Things did get rather exciting though, as she tweeted about her "Girls night in Fundon," writing: "Tonight I got so into my air hockey game against @m_callahan that when I hit the puck, it flew across the room and hit a stranger..."

Last week, Demi tweeted: "Loving life right now. Great friends, great experiences...So many opportunities. God is GOOD!!"

We love her positive attitude!

Details about Demi's new eBook!



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