Farrah Abraham Slams Christians, Calls Them Hypocrites

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Teen Mom turned porn star, Farrah Abraham, is not happy when people try to tell her what she should and should not do. The reality star even went so far as to call Christians hypocrites for criticizing her. Farrah Abraham clearly isn't big on censorship.

The reality star recently filmed a sex tape and tried to stage it as a leak of one of her private videos. Now, she's soaking in every ounce of attention she's getting from exposing herself to anyone who would watch.

Not everyone is thrilled with Farrah's latest fame-seeking venture, however.

Many religious individuals (as well as others) have criticized Farrah's decision to make a sex tape, especially because she has a 4-year-old daughter. What's more, Farrah brought her daughter to the porn company's offices while she was negotiating the sale of the sex tape.

Farrah finally got fed up with hearing people's harsh opinions of her and took to her Twitter yesterday to fire back at them, taking special aim at those who cite religion as their reason for disagreeing with her choices.

"It's Sunday, find your faith hypocritical 'Christians,'" she wrote. "God gave you the bible to be better then [sic] that." She then said that she thanks God for her success, which is sort of ironic, considering her success came from a sex tape.

As could be expected, her angry assault on Christians didn't go over very well and resulted in even more name-calling and criticism.

Do you think Farrah crossed the line with her angry tweet?

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