'The Voice' Top 8 Live Performances Recap

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The top eight performed to see who will be moving on to the next round of competitions, with one contestant taking a big risk by singing one of Usher's songs. On The Voice Top 8 Live Performances, the contestants absolutely sang their hearts out. In fact, it was probably the best show so far this season.

The show started off on a high note with Judith Hill singing "That Power" for Adam Levine's team.

Blake Shelton said that it was classic Judith Hill and that he loved the awesome mohawk she was rocking. Shakira said that she was really happy to see something more current since Judith usually sings older songs and that she loved it.

Judith's coach, Adam, said that when she chose the song, he was confused at first, but he's really glad that he let her go with it because it turned out amazing. He also gave her a huge compliment and said that when he watches her perform now, he sees her as a fellow artist, not a contestant on The Voice.

The second singer to take the stage was Holly Tucker, who sang "Done" for team Blake.

Usher thought Holly's performance was incredible and both he and Shakira loved her blinged out cowboy boots! Shakira said that she really owned the performance and Adam agreed, saying it was nice to see her more aggressive side because she's usually so sweet.

Holly's coach, Blake, said this was the first time he's ever seen Holly own a song and he loved it.

Next up, we saw The Swon Brothers, singing "Seven Bridges Road" for team Blake.

Usher was proud that they did such a great job with a classic and he thought the timing of the song was perfect, given the recent tragedy in Oklahoma. Shakira said she loved that it was a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. Adam said he's become a huge fan of The Swon Brothers and agreed with Usher that their intention behind the song was amazing. He did say that there were a few moments that were a little bit rough, but they were minor.

Sasha Allen was next, performing "Without You," a song that was originally written and performed by Usher.

Adam said that it's bittersweet every time he sees Sasha perform because he hates that he doesn't have her on his team anymore, but he thinks that her new coach, Shakira, is doing a great job with her. Blake said that she performed with such precision, she brought Shakira another week on the show. Usher, said it was neat watching Sasha own the song and he really enjoyed the way she made it her own and Shakira said that Sasha is the whole package and while performing one of Usher's songs was a risk, she's glad she took it.

The next artist to take the stage was Sarah Simmons, singing "Somebody That I Used to Know."

Blake and Adam said they love her range and this song showed just how incredible it is. Usher said it was an incredible effort and Shakira said that it was really enjoyable.

Next up was Michelle Chamuel, singing "Grenade" for team Usher.

After the performance, the audience and Usher went absolutely crazy!

Shakira said that she's a huge fan of Michelle's and she thought the performance was spectacular. Adam said it was amazing and dynamic and definitely one of the best of the night. Blake said he can't believe that such a tiny person has such a huge voice, but he loved it.

Based on Usher's reaction after Michelle performed, we already knew how he felt about it, but he said that as the song says, he would catch a grenade for Michelle because she really puts in the work and she deserves this.

The next performance was "Grandpa (Tell Me About the Good Ol' Days)" by Danielle Bradbery.

Adam joked that he thought it was sweet that Danielle sang a song about her coach, Blake, but said that on a serious note, she's going to be one of the great country artists. Usher agreed, saying she's an absolute prodigy and coach Blake said that anyone with ears can hear that she's amazing.

The last performance of the evening was Amber Carrington, singing "Skyfall."

While it was a huge risk to sing an Adele song, it seems to have paid off. Blake said that Amber is an absolute powerhouse and Usher agreed, saying the performance was incredible. Shakira said that she was shocked that Adam picked that song because Adele is so intangible and it hasn't worked out all that well when people have tried her songs in the past, but that Amber really owned it. Adam concurred, saying that nobody has done Adele justice on the show until that performance.

Which was your favorite performance of the evening?



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