Ariana Grande on Ellen DeGeneres: "The Way" with Mac Miller (Watch!)

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Watch Ariana Grande performing "The Way" on Ellen DeGeneres, with Mac Miller!

Ariana kicks off the song with an a cappella intro, showing off her amazing voice, before the upbeat tempo kicks in.

No lip syncing here folks...just incredible vocals!

Ariana is joined by backup dancers, but takes her song out the audience to sing to the fans and dance a little herself before serenading Ellen.

How adorable is she?

Flawless--not even a super-high note missed!

Ariana tweeted yesterday: "After sound check I snuck over to Ellen's seat and sat in it for a sec!! Dying! Time to go get ready now. Our performance will be airing tomorrow for those of you asking."

After her performance she tweeted: "Thank you so much @TheEllenShow for having me be a part of the show today. :) And thanks to everybody who wished me good luck. It'll be on tomorrow afternoon, check it out. I was a little nervous but it went really well I think! I danced with a lady in the audience that definitely didn't want to dance with me. And thanks Malcolm for the flowers. :)"

What did you think of Ariana's performance on Ellen?

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