Amanda Bynes "Fine," According to Her Lawyer

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Amanda Bynes tweets "I'm not crazy" and her lawyer says she's "fine," despite her recent behavior, arrest and Twitter activity. Find out what her DUI lawyer says about Amanda and why she may not be in as much trouble as you think. Amanda Bynes says she's not crazy lawyer says she's fine
Amanda Bynes' recent arrest and Twitter activity have caused wild speculation about the actresses' mental health, but the calm in the storm? Her DUI attorney, who says she's "fine."

Richard Hutton tells, "I think [reports] are way exaggerated," adding, "I think Amanda's fine. I have no problems with her whatsoever. She's a fine client."

Her lawyer noted, "Every time I've talked to her, I've had nice, attorney-client normal relations with her."

So, she doesn't call him "ugly" then?

Hutton said that he thinks Amanda's arrest for throwing a bong out the window isn't even a case, explaining, "The New York case doesn't seem like much of a case, really. I mean, come on. Even if you believe everything you hear, it's something that amounts to virtually nothing. And it's my understanding there's not much evidence to back that case up. There's no physical evidence to back it up. I understand there's no marijuana, no pipe."

Amanda tweeted out last night, "I'm Not Crazy," followed by a link to the story that her lawyer noted she's "fine."

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