Niall Horan and Zoe Whelan Dating? Plus, Niall Neck Tattoo Rumors!

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Rumors are heating up again that Niall Horan and Zoe Whelan are dating, with buzz that he's meeting up with her during his One Direction tour break. Plus, did Niall get a neck tattoo? Find out! Niall Horan and Zoe Whelan dating neck tattoo rumors
Stop us if you've heard this one before--Niall Horan and Zoe Whelan are dating.

Yep, we've been down this road before and rumors are springing up again that Niall is meeting up with Zoe while he's on break from the One Direction tour.

True or false?

While we don't definitely know if Niall and Zoe are together, they have shot down the rumors before, plus we're pretty sure that Niall's tweet about being a "single pringle" is his official word that he's not dating Zoe...or anyone, for that matter.

Still, "sources" like to squeal, with one telling The Herald this week that Niall and Zoe are going to meet up while he's in Ireland.

According to the source, "Zoe really doesn't know what's been going on, but Niall has asked if they can meet up when he comes over."

They added, "She's going to find out how serious he is about their relationship or even if they still have one."

Believe it? Or do you think he's a Pringle?

In other unbelievable Niall news, the old "Niall got a tattoo" rumor resurfaced, only this time the buzz was that he got his neck inked.

We don't think so.



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