Carrie Underwood's 'Blown Away' Tour Used How Much Confetti?!

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Carrie Underwood sure does know how to blow her fans away! You won't believe the ticket sale numbers and other stats from her recent tour...especially the amount of confetti that was used! Get all of the details here! Carrie UnderwoodCarrie Underwood's recent Blown Away tour did exactly that...blew things away!

The numbers from the show's ticket sales, fans, tour buses, crew members etc. were HUGE but nothing compared to the amount of CONFETTI that was used during the show!

According to, 2,600 pounds of confetti fell from the ceilings throughout the Blown Away tour. That might not seem like much at first until you realize that's equivalent to the weight of a small car!

Another cool fact about Carrie's world tour is that 408 beach balls went out to the millions of fans to bounce around during the shows too.

Did you get to see Carrie on tour? If not, don't miss her performance at the 2013 CMT Awards next week! You can check back to Cambio for all of the country coverage you'll need that night!

Watch Carrie prank her tour buddy Hunter Hayes during his last performance on the Blown Away tour here!

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