'The Fosters' Star Teri Polo: "I Burp and Threaten to Fart on Set"

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Don't let this glamorous get-up fool you. The new ABC Family drama The Fosters (which premieres tonight!) may have a serious tone, but star Teri Polo dished on how she lightens the mood during downtime on set. Teri Polo may deal with some serious topics while shooting scenes for the upcoming drama The Fosters, but there are two things she does to lighten the mood...

She burps and threatens to fart.

"We deal with some heavy stuff, but I think everyone is hip to the fact that it's just acting," Teri told us during a set visit. "You go and you access it and you give it and then you yell cut and we're all telling fart jokes. Well I'm actually farting...but everyone else will tell you...that...I fart."

"No, I threaten to fart," she added. "I burp. Seriously, ask everybody, 'Does Teri Polo burp and fart on set?' If somebody says no, they're lying...I'm totally putting myself under the bus."

Teri stars on the ABC Family drama as Stef Foster, one half of a lesbian bi-racial couple who raise biological and adoptive children together.

The series is produced by Jennifer Lopez and her production company Nuyorican Productions, and premieres tonight on ABC Family at 9/8c.


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