'The Voice' Top 6 Live Performances Recap: Coaches and Contestants Each Pick a Song

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On The Voice Top 6 Live Performances, the remaining contestants each performed two songs. One they picked themselves and the other their coaches picked for them. On The Voice Top 6 Live Performances, the contestants each performed two songs, one that their coach picked for them and one that they selected themselves.

First up was Holly Tucker, who performed "When God-Fearing Women Get the Blues."

Usher said that he liked the attitude and theatrics, but didn't seem all that thrilled with the performance overall.

Shakira said that this performance showed that Holly had learned how to have fun on stage and Adam agreed, saying it was awesome.

Holly's coach, Blake Shelton, said that this was his favorite performance of Holly's.

For her second performance late r in the show, Holly sang "My Wish."

Shakira said that it was awesome and that Holly always delivers great performances and Blake said that she has an incredible range which is so rare for female vocalists nowadays.

Michelle Chamuel sang "Somewhere Only We Know" for her first performance.

Shakira said it was another amazing week for Michelle and that she can tell Usher is an amazing coach because of the progress she's making.

Usher, who picked this song, said that he wanted it to show Michelle's vulnerable side and it definitely did that.

For Michelle's second performance, she picked "I Knew You Were Trouble" by Taylor Swift who surprised her and popped in during rehearsals...which was definitely the coolest moment we've ever seen on the show!

Taylor was really supportive of Michelle and loved her take on the song and the coaches and audience all seemed to agree.

The audience went absolutely crazy after Michelle's enthusiastic performance. In fact, Adam had to calm them down just so he could give his critique.

When they finally settled down, Adam said they said it all and there was nothing that he needed to say because it was just so unbelievable.

Blake said he's so jealous of Usher that he has her on his team and remarked about how intense the performance was.

The Swon Brothers were also a big hit this week. For their first performance, they sang "Wagon Wheel" and it was a blast.

Shakira said it was really fun and she's starting to feel inspired by country music, which she never thought would happen.

Adam Levine said it was his favorite Swon Brothers performance and Blake said that they have such a unique sound, which is really important for an artist now.

For their second performance, The Swon Brothers sang "Okie from Muskogee."

Unlike their first performance, they didn't have girls on stage with them, but despite that, it was still really fun.

Usher said it's great that they have so much fun and continue to represent where they're from and Adam agreed.

Blake didn't say much, but he was beaming like a proud parent after the performance.

Sasha Allen also made her coach proud tonight. Her first song "Ain't No Way" was absolutely amazing.

Adam said that Sasha can gauge her performance by how mad he gets at himself when he watches her (she used to be on his team).

Usher said there was absolutely nothing for him to critique because it was so good and Shakira said she has a cinematic voice and that the audience was absolutely spellbound by her.

For her second performance, Sasha sang "Before He Cheats" and it was equally good, if not better.

Blake said it was extremely dramatic and powerful, Usher said it showed that there is more than one Sasha Fierce and that he was pleasantly surprised by it.

Shakira was so proud she could hardly speak and said that she worked the stage like a star.

Danielle Bradbery didn't disappoint this week, either.

Her first performance, "Shake the Sugar Tree" was phenomenal.

Adam said he still wishes she was on his team and that every single performance has been incredibly solid.

Blake said she makes his job easy because her voice is so pure and he compared her natural talent to his wife, Miranda Lambert.

In Danielle's second song "A Little Bit Stronger," she hit a high note at the end that absolutely blew everyone away.

Adam said he loves Danielle and remarked that the last note was one of the most powerful he's heard in the competition.

Blake said it's incredible because she has so much power, but she picks and chooses when to use it and when she does, she knocks everyone's socks off.

Amber Carrington also had a great night.

Her first song, "I Remember You" was just as good as all of her previous performances, which is exactly what Blake said he's come to expect from her.

Shakira said it was a great song choice and Adam said he loves taking risks and he's so happy she's on his team because she loves taking them, too.

For her second song, Amber sang "Crazy."

Blake said he loved it and Shakira said it was dreamy while Adam said it was a breath of fresh air and brought purity to an incredible classic song.

All of the contestants were so good this week, we're going to be shocked no matter who gets sent home.

Which one of the Top 6 Live Performances did you like best?



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