5 Things to Know About Teresa Palmer From 'Warm Bodies'

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Think you know 'Warm Bodies' star Teresa Palmer? Find out the five cool things we learned about Teresa when we chatted with her recently! You may recognize Australian actress Teresa Palmer from her previous movies like The Sorcerer's Apprentice and I Am Number Four or her latest film, Warm Bodies, but we bet there are a few things you didn't know about the 27-year-old star:

5) Teresa is living her dream. "I've always been intrigued by the idea of being an actor," she says. "Coming from Australia, it never felt like a reality for me. It was always a far distant dream. And when it happened, I really had to pinch myself."

4) She moved from Australia to Los Angeles in 2007. "It's less fast paced in Australia. It's a little bit more chill and a bit more relaxed. America is extremely busy all the time," says Teresa. "I like both of those. I love LA now, it's been my home. I don't know if I'll ever move back to Australia."

3) So we know her favorite place, but what about her favorite body part? "My eyes. Mainly because they're the same color and shape as my dad's." Sweet answer!

2) Teresa told us she's good at making funny faces, but she thinks something else about her makes her quite unique, and we have to agree. "I have weird obsessions," she reveals, "like natural birthing. I think my passion for those things really makes me stand apart."

1) Her newest film, Warm Bodies, just came out on Blu-ray DVD! "It's such a dynamic and special movie. It really was a dream come true getting that role."

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