Blake Shelton Slams Music Critic on Twitter, Defends Holly Tucker

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Blake Shelton got fired up when music critic Joey Guerra tweeted about 'The Voice' contestant Holly Tucker's elimination. Read Blake's rant on Twitter and find out why he's so passionate about supporting young talent. Blake Shelton slams music critic blogger on twitter defends Holly Tucker
If you're on team Blake Shelton, he's got your back.

Blake fired off an angry Twitter rant following The Voice earlier this week, going after a music critic who slammed contestant Holly Tucker.

It all started when Houston Chronicle music critic Joey Guerra tweeted about Holly being eliminated.

Let's just say that Blake didn't take it too well.

After the show, Joey tweeted: "#TheVoice sends one singer back to Texas. Don't worry, it's not the one we care about"

In his blog recapping the show, he wrote: "Holly Tucker is gone. It took much too long. But finally. Back to Baylor University in Waco for you, madam."

Blake fired back, tweeting: "It's people like you @joeyguerra that make me sick...Holly is not only a talented singer but a great person that's simply chasing a dream.."

He added, "How about you @joeyguerra grow some balls and come tell me to my face how terrible some of these kids are face to face..? You won't. Ever."

Blake continued, "You @joeyguerra are a chicken shit. I can't stand a person that makes a point to write hurtful things about kids just trying their best."

He wasn't done, noting: "How much do y'all wanna bet he'd NEVER criticize my team OR me like that face to face.... Chicken shit.."

When a fan tweeted that "this person really has you FIRED UP!," Blake responded, "He's been ripping these kids all season.. I'm fed up with it."

Blake later apologized for the rant, but stands firm on supporting young talent, tweeting: "I'm sorry for going off y'all... But I am passionate about encouraging young people to follow their dreams. We GOOD people don't need hate."

Joey told the Houston Chronicle, "I understand and respect Blake's passion for his team...If he took that as a knock to Holly, I can't really change that. I'm honestly shocked at the nastiness of his responses and the responses of people on Twitter, which have included death threats."

He added, "My job is to be a music critic, good and bad, and I will continue to do that, knowing that not everyone will agree with me, especially when it comes to TV singing competitions. Not everyone can win. And not everyone is equally fantastic. I'm proud of the work that I do, and I believe I've been fair. Nothing I said was out of malice or spite."

Blake ended the discussion by tweeting: "To the few folks (mostly writers) upset about my rant. What he said was mean. There's NOTHING you can say to defend or justify it. Move on.."

What do you think of Blake's rant?

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