One Direction Fragrance 'Our Moment' Smells Like...

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One Direction has released their first fragrance, called 'Our Moment.' Get the details about what the new perfume will smell like, packaging and release date for the scent, plus reactions from 1D! Will you buy it? One Direction Our Moment perfume fragrance
One Direction unveiled their new fragrance at a special launch event today...and it's called...Our Moment.

Thankfully, it doesn't smell like the essence of boys traveling on a tour because. Because, ew.

No, as Harry Styles tweeted: "The 1D fragrance is called (drumroll)... Our Moment! And it smells like a summers day.."

Much better than sweaty boy scent, for sure.

Niall Horan tweeted: "I still can't believe we're releasing our own fragrance!"

He added, "We worked hard to get it smelling just right, and very excited to announce that it will be called Our Moment!"

During the even, the 1D guys said the perfume came about after a fan started a petition.

Our Moment will be in Harrods on August 24th.

When news of the 1D fragrance was first announced, Niall had said, "As a band, we have been discussing making a fragrance for our fans for quite a while so we're really excited to finally have this opportunity."

It comes in a pretty pink bottle, all feminine and such.

Will you buy Our Moment perfume?

New! Video from the launch event:

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