ABC Family's 'Twisted' Set Visit: Avan Jogia "Struck Gold Twice"!

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We got to visit the set of ABC Family's new show 'Twisted' and caught up with the awesome cast! They told us about their characters, the cast dynamic and what we can look forward to on June 11! Is ABC Family going to have the next big summer show?

Seems like it! We got to visit the set of their brand new show Twisted recently and met the awesome cast and chatted with them about their characters, working with each other and what we can look forward to when the show premieres on June 11.

"The show is about a boy [Danny] who murders his aunt and goes to off to juvie," said Kylie Bunbury. "He goes to juvie for five years and gets out and tries to reconnect with his two best friends," Avan Jogia told us. But a murder mystery happens in the pilot episode, and Danny is the first suspect.

"It's about him dealing with all that blame, feeling like a monster and him trying to win back his friends' trust," added Avan. Denise Richards told us what intrigued her to join the cast: "I really loved the first script. And with each episode, each one reveals something very different."

Kylie gave us the scoop on her co-stars. "We really do get along very well," she said. "I think you can see that watching the show too." Avan lucked out...again. "I struck gold twice," he said. "Victorious had an amazing cast, and this is an amazing cast."

And for you Pretty Little Liars fans, Twisted isn't too far from Rosewood. Kylie told us, "There's the murder mystery aspect and really wonderful relationships and friendships that are falling apart and coming together."

Don't forget to catch the premiere of Twisted on June 11 on ABC Family!


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