Amanda Bynes' Secret Second Twitter Account?

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A suspicious new account has popped up on Twitter and the Tweets bear a striking similarity to Amanda Bynes' posts. Also, the account is one of 14 that she follows and she has retweeted some of their more inflammatory Tweets. %VIRTUAL-Gallery-187211%

Amanda Bynes claims, "It's an honor for me to follow you on twitter. If I don't follow you it's because you're not worth following."

She has also claimed, "If I'm not following you on twitter, I hate you," which means Amanda "hates" the entire Twitterverse...well, all but 14 people, that is.

So, who are the lucky 14? Funny you should ask...

The first person Amanda followed was President Barack Obama (possibly because she had tweeted to him to try to get her out of her legal troubles in the past). The other 13 are an interesting mix of musicians, actors, clothing designers and then there is this one random account that Amanda keeps retweeting.

The user, who lists their name as "Barbie" tweets things that are eerily similar to what Amanda would write. In fact, it's almost as if...yep, you got it!

One of the tweets from the account reads, "@Drake acts ugly because he looks ugly," which raised many Twitter users' suspicions. Fans immediately began calling Amanda out, saying they knew that she was behind the Tweets on this other account.

What's more, Amanda was the FIRST person to follow this seemingly random account.

Also, the username is a bit suspicious. The account is under @persiannyc27. Now, we know Amanda is 27 years old and lives in NYC...she doesn't have Persian heritage (that we know of), but that could have been an attempt to throw everyone off.

Whether it is Amanda or not, many people seem interested in what this "Barbie" character has to say.

In just over a month, she has already amassed over 15,000 followers.

Do you think Amanda has a secret second account?


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