Beyonce and Blue Ivy Hot Tub Pic: Dangerous for Baby?

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Beyonce is under fire for a pic she shared of herself and baby Blue Ivy in a hot tub. Is it safe for babies to be in a jacuzzi? Find out why it may be dangerous for Beyonce to take Blue Ivy into the hot tub. Beyonce baby Blue Ivy hot tub pic
Beyonce is under fire for a new pic of herself with Blue Ivy in a hot tub...critics are saying it's dangerous for babies to be in water that hot.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy are captured in the black and white photo, which shows a mama/baby bonding moment.

They're snapped hanging out in the Jacuzzi together, with baby snuggled onto mom's chest, sweet little bow in her hair, while Bey sports a fab pair of sunglasses and a chic head wrap.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control says that children less than 5 years old should not be in a hot tub.

Additionally, reports the Livestrong website's explanation of the risk: "It's dangerous to take your baby into the hot tub because of the heat. Your baby cannot regulate his body temperature well and can overheat in a hot tub quickly. Overheating can make him extremely uncomfortable and cause his heart to race. In some cases, overheating can cause death."

Of course, there's no telling what temperature the water was--perhaps Beyonce had the water temp cooler?

Do you think people are overreacting?



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