Ian Somerhalder Rants About 'Vampire Diaries' Actress Ricin Scandal

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Ian Somerhalder blasted the New York Post after the mag posted a photo of him hugged up with an actress connected to the Obama-ricin letter scandal. Check out what the Vampire Diaries hottie had to say! Ian Somerhalder is not amused with the New York Post.

The Vampire Diaries star went on an Instagram rant after the mag put a shot of him on its cover hugged up with an actress who's been accused of sending a ricin-laced letter to President Barack Obama.

"WTF?!!, Ian wrote in a caption alongside a shot of the cover. "Have I been living under a rock?How am I just finding out this is real???Is this real? Insane!Thanks for using MY Photo NYPost,couldn't you have used a werewolf or something?I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama are my friends."

In case you missed it, the woman in the photo with Ian--Shannon Rogers Guess Richardson-was arrested Friday after she confessed to mailing ricin-laced envelopes to President Obama and Mayor Michael Bloomberg, saying her army vet husband forced her to send them, according to the Huffington Post.

Shannon-a pregnant mother of five-has had small parts in The Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries, playing a zombie and a student, respectively, according to her IMDB resume.

Which prompted the NY Post's headline.

Meanwhile, Vampire Diaries and Walking Dead execs are distancing themselves from the scandal, saying Shannon was nothing more than a glorified extra on their shows, and that they had never heard of her before news of the scandal broke.

For example, Vampire Diaries show runner Julie Plec tweeted to a Walking Dead exec, "If she played an equivalent part to [a role] she supposedly played on TVD, she was third background from the right. Or something."

And speaking of rants, Ian had another one (of a comical sort) when he found a big batch of bath salts in his hotel room.

"This hotel room is really well appointed- if your CRAZY! Say NO to that crap...Keep yourself and everyone else safe around you safe," Ian wrote alongside a shot of the bath salts.

Ian is currently in London shooting the upcoming film The Anomaly.


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