Justin Bieber Posts Pic of Fan's Bra

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Justin Bieber recently posted a picture on Instagram that was pretty interesting! No it wasn't one of him snuggling with Selena but a pic of his fan's bra! What exactly did the picture mean? Click to get the details! Justin Bieber's bra pictureReally?

That's what we were all thinking when Justin Bieber posted a picture of his fan's bra on Instagram.

No, the bra isn't from what you're assuming though, it was simply an undergarment thrown up on stage by one of his fans. And as much as we want to think he posted the pic to brag about getting girls, we don't think that was it at all.

"I guess everyone grows up," was the caption with the pic.

Indeed that's what Justin has been doing lately, or at least trying to do. It almost seems like he's struggling with crossing over to adulthood or at least the public is having trouble letting him do so. Maybe posting the pic was his way of saying he isn't the only one getting older and doing more adult-like things in life now too?

It could also be a subliminal message to make Selena Gomez jealous as well. Like a "look what I can get" note to her, just in case she forgot what she had? Who knows! Either way, the post by Bieber is pretty interesting and an eye-opener, that's for sure!

What do you think about Justin's bra Instagram pic?

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