Kim Kardashian Faces Backlash for Anti-Paparazzi Twitter Rant

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Kim Kardashian recently took to Twitter to express her frustration with photographers constantly following her around, but many people are saying she brought it on herself. Last week, Kim Kardashian went on a Twitter rant against the paparazzi.

The 32-year-old pregnant reality star has grown increasingly impatient with the paps and recently cussed at one when she was trying to get in her car at LAX.

Also, Kim's boyfriend Kanye West notoriously doesn't like being followed by photogs and is frequently caught on camera lashing out at them.

In Kim's anti-paparazzi rant, she said that when the cameras for her show are off, she wants to be left alone by paps, which is kind of ironic, because she has been known to work with them in the past, even reportedly calling them to tell them where she'll be.

Not surprisingly, people are calling Kim out, saying she has no right to suddenly decide that she doesn't want to be photographed.

Just as Kim took to Twitter air her grievances, many frustrated fans are doing the same.

"This is the life you chose. Sorry, but you have to deal with it," one person Tweeted. "Sorry b*tch no sympathy for u. U made the deal with the devil, deal w/ it," another wrote.

Many other Twitter users echoed the same sentiments, saying that this is all Kim's doing, that she created this for herself and that she can't suddenly decide she wants out of the spotlight.

What do you think? Do you feel bad for Kim or do you agree that she brought all of this on herself and should stop complaining?



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