'The Voice': Michelle Chamuel Says She Fights the "Glam Squad"

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'The Voice' semi-finalist Michelle Chamuel is known for keeping it very real. From her appearance, to her off-the-cuff comments, she just is who she is. So, what happens when she's faced with a "glam squad" trying to alter her appearance every week?

One thing we love about The Voice semi-finalist Michelle Chamuel is that she keeps it real.
She doesn't try to fit into the typical bubblegum pop star mold, she just is who she is, she owns it...and it's amazing!

On the show, however, where image might play a part in people's decisions, we couldn't help but wonder how Michelle juggles wanting to appear completely as she is and the fact that there is an entire glam squad backstage who might have other ideas in mind.

In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Michelle opened up about her battles with the hair and makeup teams.

When the reporter asked Michelle if she ever fights them, she looked around and joked "Can we please get glam out here to answer that question? ...The answer is yes." She then explained why they don't exactly see eye-to-eye, but in typical Michelle style, she made it totally endearing.

"They're amazing...and they're artists at what they do," she started. "I think for me, it's what it feels like, because I mean, I walk around as myself, I don't really wear makeup or do anything...so I'll go into the chair and be like 'what is the least amount we can do today?'"

She also talks about how even though they may have differing viewpoints, she appreciates their talent and their desire to practice the art form they're most passionate about, the same way she does with her singing.

Watch the video above to hear Michelle spill about photo shoots, her first encounter with a wind machine and how she butts heads with the glam squad.



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