'The Wanted Life' Season 1 Episode 2 Reaction: Siva Has To Choose Between His Girl and the Band!

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Didn't catch The Wanted Life last night or just simply need a recap? Then we got you! Things got pretty intense when the guys were told their girlfriends couldn't go to Vegas with them. What was your reaction to the episode? Let us know and read what all went down, here!

Siva from The WantedLast night's episode of The Wanted Life was pretty intense!

Of course it was full of the typical The Wanted stuff like partying and music but the biggest part of the episode was the drama between Siva, Nareesha and the band!

It all went down when the boys had a meeting with Nano and found out they got invited to do a gig in Las Vegas! While they were totally stoked for the job, Siva wasn't too happy the girlfriends weren't allowed to go.

When he went home to tell Nareesha she and Kelsey weren't allowed to go to Vegas, she was anything but happy and basically threw, what we would consider, a fit. We can't say we would've reacted the same way but it seems like these two lovebirds don't want to be away from each other at all and he threatened to not do the show if she couldn't come. He also said the band almost broke up the last time they went to Vegas, although it seemed like that was another maybe exaggerated excuse to not go.

In the end and after a talk with Scooter Braun and the band, Siva ended up going to the show without his girl but not without causing drama while there. Their performance went great but he ticked Tom off when he went from the stage straight to the hotel without even telling the guys he was leaving or anything. Of course Siva rushed to the hotel to call and Skype Nareesha.

So whose side are we on? Well, we totally understand where Siva is coming from but this all has made us question him and his girl. We think he needs to focus on his career right now. It almost seems like Nareesha is trying to compete with the band and like there might be some trust issues between the two of them. And honestly we'd be worried if we were the other guys because it seems like Siva isn't putting the band first at all...

On another note, Max's older brother Jack came to the mansion to visit and he was the first one to make Max cry! Max and his brother both cried when he went back home. How sad!

Nathan was put on vocal rest after a doctor's visit and if it doesn't heal up, his singing future could be at risk!

What was your reaction from last night's episode? Let us know!

Don't forget to check out the next episode of The Wanted Life Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on E!

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