Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles Collaborating? Would Ed Date Taylor Swift?

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Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles Duet dating Taylor Swift weird
Ed Sheeran talks about collaborating with One Direction's Harry Styles. Will we hear an Ed and Harry duet? Plus, Ed's asked about if he would date Taylor Swift, which he said would be "too weird." Will Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles ever collaborate musically?

Since the two are such close pals, Ed was asked in a recent interview if they would make music together.

Ed wasn't sold on the idea, sounding surprised about the idea of working with Harry, explaining, "Really? I'm not sure if that's a musical fit."

Ed was also (of course) asked about whether or not he would date Taylor Swift.

The Capital FM interviewer said that Taylor noted that they would never date because they're friends and Tay doesn't want to ruin that.

"It would be too weird," Ed explained.

He added, "I know her family and stuff and it would just be weird. It'd be weird."

Ed explained that he started very professionally with Taylor with their song and the tour, but after spending five months with her, he says, "it's very platonic."

So that sounds like a solid "no."

Ed also talks about his new album--check it out!



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