'Pretty Little Liars' Premiere Preview: Ali's Mom Returns!

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In the season 4 premiere of the ABC Family show, Ali's mom reappears in Rosewood and reveals what happened to Ali's brother. See the sneak peek now!
Pretty Little Liars season 4 premieres tonight on ABC Family channel but check out a special sneak peek right now!

In a clip from tonight's premiere, Emily (Shay Mitchell) stops by Ali's mom's house to say hello and deliver a gift basket.

"It feels like home when you see a friendly face!" Ali's mom, Jessica, exclaims when she sees Emily.

So where did Ali's brother Jason end up when he mysteriously disappeared from the hospital bed last season?

"He's down south renovating Grandma D's place," Ali's mom explains. "It's a beautiful house but she let things go."

Do you think Ali's mom is telling the truth about her son's whereabouts?

Watch Pretty Little Liars tonight at 8 pm and check back tomorrow for the most talked about moment from the show!



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