'Teen Wolf': Season 3 Episode 2: The Werewolf Gang Finds Boyd...Is Erica Dead?

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On this episode of Teen Wolf, Isaac gets dipped into an icebath to uncover Erica and Boyd's whereabouts...and he makes a shocking discovery. Check out what Isaac saw in a vision and what becomes of Boyd in this week's episode!
Teen Wolf just keeps getting better.

After an action-packed season premiere, the gang was back with another episode filled with twists, turns and a couple of surprises.

Check out the Teen Wolf scenes that shocked us, made us giggle and left us with questions at the end of episode two.

Close, but no cigar: Stiles (Dylan O' Brien) almost gave up his V-card on tonight's episode to his childhood friend Heather. But, after she lures him down to a basement at a house party, she gets kidnapped when he runs off to search for a condom (he could only find extra large condoms. By the look of his expression, this was not a good thing). What happened to Heather? And will she be back to canoodle with Stiles? We'll just have to wait and see.

OMG! Is Erica dead?: Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) has been trying (and failing) to find Erica and Boyd, so the werewolf gang turns to Isaac, submerging him in an ice bath to access his memories. By doing so, they discover that Boyd is being held in the basement of an abandoned bank, and to make matters worse, he's chained up with a female werewolf who is going to fight him to the death. Also in Isaac's vision--a dead body that he said was Erica (Gage Golightly). So...is Erica really dead? Or was this just a case of mistaken identity (maybe we're just in denial)?

Surprise of the night: One question that was answered was exactly where Boyd (Sinqua Walls) was...and who the girl was that was being kept in the vault with him. We found out that it was none other than Cora (Adelaide Kane) who just so happens to be Derek's younger sister who he thought was dead. Once the werewolves figure out that Boyd is being held in a bank vault, Derek and Scott head there to free Boyd, but they get trapped inside with them. This is a bad situation considering the werewolves haven't shifted in a bit and thus, haven't been able to release their pent up aggression. When it looks like Boyd is going to cut Scott's life short, Allison (Crystal Reed) appears in the nick of time and helps free them. But, she also sets Cora and Boyd free in the process. The maniacal duo escapes from the vault and runs out into the night. We can only imagine the drama that will be in store with those two on the loose.

What the heck was Lydia dreaming about?: Lydia (Holland Roden) woke up screaming at the end of the episode...we have no idea why, but we do know this cannot be a good sign. Earlier in the show, she and Allison (Crystal Reed) were still trying to figure out what was going on with their symmetrical tattoos.

Keeping Secrets: Derek and Allison get into a bit of an argument near the end of the episode and Derek came thisclose to telling Allison that her mom was bitten while trying to torture Scott to death. Hmm...does this mean Scott is about to tell Alison the truth behind her mom's death?

What was your reaction from tonight's episode? Tell us!

Don't miss the next episode of Teen Wolf Monday at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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