'The Voice' Live Semi-Finals Recap: The Top 5 Perform

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On 'The Voice' semi-finals, the contestants each performed two songs. They also each went back to their hometowns to visit friends and families who were very anxious to see them. Also, Usher performed his new song "Twisted." On The Voice live semi-finals, each of the contestants performed two songs-one which was a dedication and one which their coaches chose for them. They also went back to their hometowns and we got to see footage from their visits.

The show started out with Usher singing his new song "Twisted," which was a nice surprise and definitely helped start the show on a good note.

While Usher was a hard act to follow, the five semi-finalists didn't disappoint.

The Swon Brothers started off singing Bob Seger's "Turn the Page," which they dedicated to their fellow band members back home.

For the duo's second song, they played "Danny's song," which was coach Blake Shelton's choice.

As usual The Swon Brothers were amazing to listen to and it was fun to see Zach Swon showing off his skills on the piano, but their second song was a little slow and melancholy for our taste.

Sasha Allen chose "I Will Always Love You" (the Whitney Houston version) as her dedication song, which she dedicated to her kids.

While it was a good performance, it's always tough when someone takes on a Whitney Houston song. Sasha's performance was good, but it's hard for anyone to hold a candle to what was probably Whitney's most memorable song.

For her second song, her coach, Shakira chose Donna Summer's "Bad Girls," which was much more fun and Sasha really did a great job embodying the spirit of the classic '70s song.

Michelle Chamuel's first performance was probably the most entertaining of the evening. It was a fun laser light show and as usual, Michelle rocked the stage and both the audience and the judges loved every second of it.

For her dedication song, she sang "Time After Time" and delivered a sweet dedication to her coach, Usher. The performance didn't pick up until about 3/4 of the way through, but in typical Michelle style, it was still absolutely amazing and we like how this song showed the softer side of the quirky contestant.

For Danielle Bradbery's first song, she sang "Please Remember Me," which her coach Blake Shelton had picked for her.

The performance was lacking emotion and entertainment value, but Danielle's voice is always good and listening to her sing is never too tedious.

Danielle sang "Who I Am" for her dedication song, which she dedicated to her mother and her best friend. The whole thing felt a little too manufactured with Danielle's childhood photos being displayed in the background and her popping into the audience to sing standing next to her mom, but it was still pretty good despite that.

Amber Carrington's first song was Katy Perry's "Firework," which she dedicated to her friends.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the best performance we've seen from Amber. Since she has more of a country voice, this song felt a little too much like Amber was straight screaming instead of singing.

For her second song, Amber's coach Adam Levine picked one of his own songs, "Sad," by Maroon 5.

This song was a much more appropriate song choice for Amber. She was able to show off just how powerful her voice really is and it definitely redeemed her after a shaky first performance.

What was your favorite performance of The Voice semi-finals?



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