5 Things to Know About 'Now You See Me'

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Think you know everything about Jesse Eisenberg's and Dave Franco's latest film 'Now You See Me?' Here are 5 things that you might not know about the cat-and-mouse magician flick and its cast. Looking for a great cat-and-mouse chase movie? How about a group of magicians who act less like David Copperfield and more like Robin Hood, all while being chased by the FBI? Check out Now You See Me, which stars Jesse Eisenberg, David Franco, Isla Fisher, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine. But before you head out to the theater, here are a few fun facts to know about the film and its cast.

5. Jesse Eisenberg Has Magic and Clowning Around in His Blood
Oscar-nominated actor Jesse Eisenberg has a family made up of performers. Jesse's mother is actually a professional clown. In his home town of East Brunswick, N.J. she has performed at children's birthday parties for over 20 years. Likewise Jesse's little sister was a '90s child star whose credits include Beautiful and How to Eat Fried Worms as well as a Pepsi Superbowl commercial.

4. The Dynamic Duo Are Back Together Again
Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine can't seem to get enough of working with each other these days--or at least being in the same movie together. Now You See Me is the fourth film to co-star the two legendary actors. They previously appeared together in all three of Christopher Nolan's installments of the Batman trilogy.

3. Isla Fisher Almost Drowned While Filming Now You See Me
Isla Fisher told Chelsea Handler on "Chelsea Lately" that she almost drowned while filming her swimming tank scene. Isla joked that she couldn't understand why Tom Cruise doesn't have a stunt double. She made light of the story saying, "All I kept thinking about was picturing myself having an autopsy later, all bloated and gross in a swimming costume. Who wants to die in a swimming costume?"

2. Guess Who Was Originally Cast
It was rumored that Jake Gyllenhaal was up for the role of Mark Ruffalo's character but declined to do the film. Likewise Olivia Wilde was offered a role in the film, and Amanda Seyfried was considered for the role that eventually went to Isla.

1. Michael Caine Sleeps on Set
Apparently, Michael Caine was locked in his dressing room for a whole night during filming. Supposedly, he fell asleep after shooting a scene and didn't hear the director call wrap for the day and the crew pack up and leave. It was assumed that Michael had gone home, so the set was locked. He wasn't discovered until the morning when someone heard him crying for help.

Think that is funny? Check out this clip of Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine, when Morgan Freeman decides to take a nap right in the middle of the interview!


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